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What is YLE

Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) is a comprehensive suite of levels designed to assess and enhance the English language proficiency of young learners. Cambridge YLE levels are categorized into six levels to cater to children of various ages and language abilities. These levels are Pre-School, Pre-Starters, Starters, Movers, Flyers and Think.

These levels are tailored to different age groups and are specifically crafted to make language learning a fun and engaging experience for children. Through these levels one can explore from the core level of English language – phonics to the advanced level. English is not taught here as a subject, rather as a language. So, we focus on developing the language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

What will children learn from us?

Children learning with the world’s English language experts will:

  • learn through songs, rhymes, stories, games, videos, PowerPoint, apps and the online sources
  • develop the ability, confidence, and language skills to communicate in English when dealing with familiar topics and themes
  • take part in group-based activities and class projects specially designed for the way children learn
  • have lessons that are different from but support their regular school studies
  • engage in developing presentation skills, cultural relations, and moral values
  • express themselves through exciting activities and group projects – exploring subjects like the natural world, from under the sea to outer space
  • develop important life skills, which will prepare them for their future beyond the classroom
  • build confidence by speaking in English about familiar topics such as their surroundings, from their home to their neighbourhood

What do we offer?

Our commitment to academic excellence is at the core of our course structure. We provide:

  • An academic year with two terms for year-long learning
  • Monthly parent-teacher meetings ensure regular communications between parents and teachers about a child’s development throughout the course
  • A calendar of events and activities for children to develop their general knowledge and creativity
  • A balanced approach that includes play-based learning and academic fundamentals
  • Safety and Hygiene: A clean and secure environment that adheres to health and safety guidelines

We value parental involvement and believe that you as parents have a vital role to play in supporting the progress of your child.

Benefits of Cambridge YLE

Encourages Early Learning: The YLE exams provide a structured and motivating way for children to start learning English at an early age. They introduce the language in a playful and enjoyable manner, making learning an adventure rather than a chore.

Builds Confidence: As children complete each level of the YLE exams, they receive a certificate from the University of Cambridge. These certificates not only boost their confidence but also serve as a tangible representation of their language proficiency.

Real-life Language Skills: The YLE exams are designed to reflect real-life language situations. Through listening, speaking, reading, and writing tasks, children learn how to use English in practical contexts, which is essential for effective communication.

Supports Academic Success: YLE exams provide a strong foundation for further English language studies. A solid grasp of English is invaluable in today’s globalized world, and these exams help children get ahead in their academic journey.

Fun and Interactive: Cambridge YLE exams are designed to be engaging and interactive. The content is created to resonate with young learners, incorporating themes and topics that interest them. This approach ensures that children are motivated to study and participate actively in their language learning.

Global Recognition: The Cambridge YLE exams are recognized and respected worldwide. The certificates received after successfully completing the exams are a valuable addition to a child’s educational portfolio.


Cambridge YLE levels are a fantastic way to introduce young learners to the world of English language learning. They provide a structured and engaging approach that not only builds language skills but also instills confidence and a love for language. For parents and educators looking to nurture the language abilities of children, Cambridge YLE is an excellent choice that can set them on a path to linguistic success.

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